Acoustic Guitar Bone Bridge Saddle and Nut by Creanoso

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  • Made of premium oxen bone, provides better tone than plastic material.
  • Bone nut size: L 1.65" x W 0.24 "x H 0.33"
  • Bone saddle size: L 2.87" x W 0.12" x H 0.35"
  • Compatible with 40" 41" acoustic guitar. High quality replacement parts.
  • High density and minimal porosity yield good intonation and clarity


Why settle for cheap plastic when you can afford bone bridge saddle and nut for your guitar?

Want to see real improvement in the sound of your guitar?

Creanoso replacement bridge saddle and nut for your acoustic guitar. You can feel a difference in the weight and density of the material. Bone makes a huge difference in sound on an acoustic guitar, try it and see, you'll get a much nicer overall sound out of any guitar if you replace the plastic with real bone.

Its time to upgrade your guitar!!!
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