Creanoso 2 RCA Male to 2 RCA Male AV Extension Cable (1.5m / 5 Feet)

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  • Made from high quality standard conductors to guarantee excellent signal transmission, enhanced high quality response and decreased attenuation.
  • Male to male RCA-RCA Audio Video cable connection and perfectly transmits signal from your devices. Applicable for DVD player, VCD player, VCR, set-top box, STB, amplifier, speaker system, Audio and Video sets.
  • With corrosion-resistant, silver-plated RCA connectors which guarantee conductivity and fast signal transmission and increase longevity.
  • Good locking system. The cable is designed with a split tip center pin for tight connection and improved contact pressure.
  • Comes with 60 days money-back guarantee to ensure buyer’s protection.


Creanoso 2 RCA Male to 2 RCA Male AV Extension Cable (1.5m / 5 Feet) is ideal for connecting and transmitting AV signal among computer, MP3 player, DVD palyer, CD player, television, radio, power amplifier, and loudspeaker. This is silver tone plated 3.5mm plug to 2 RCA Audio Video Male Cable that is 1.5 meters long. The cable supports high-definition TV and enhanced-definition TV (720p) signal transmission.

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