Creanoso Famous Art Series 2 Emery Board (36-Pack)
Creanoso Famous Art Series 2 Emery Board (36-Pack)
Creanoso Famous Art Series 2 Emery Board (36-Pack)
Creanoso Famous Art Series 2 Emery Board (36-Pack)
Creanoso Famous Art Series 2 Emery Board (36-Pack)

Creanoso Famous Art Series 2 Emery Board (36-Pack)

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  • Artistic Design and Great Usage - 150/150 Grit Emery Board easily help to trim and shape the nail with your desired shape or length. They are also perfect to remove nail gel in your extended or fake nails.
  • Double sided - Providing you a rather soft and comfortable nail filing experience.
  • The emery boards nail care is well designed with rounded ends.
  • 36 nail files pack for a long-time storage, let you use them for different purpose but not only nail art. Also, a perfect gift for girls who love nail art as Valentine's Day gift, birthday gift, and Christmas gift
  • Great for all your filing needs, Nails, Hobbies, Crafts. Must have in professional salons and DIY nail art at home. Sometimes you needn’t cost so much in a beauty salon anymore.


Creanoso Famous Art Series 2 Emery Board - Awesome Giveaways for Teens, Women, and Beauty Enthusiasts

Nails are the focus of the beauty of the hand, and beautiful nails can add womanly charms. If you want to bring a little salon-style care to a female friend or family member, this beautiful Emery Board Live Love Sparkle Emery Board set is the best choice.

These Emery Board set contains 6 designs of Famous Paintings design Emery Board for girls/women having nail spa party, who loves nail art, and nail saloon:

Creation of Adam - Michelangelo
Water lily - Claude Monet
Irises - Vincent Van Gogh
Las Meninas - Diego Velázquez
Composition 8 - Vassily Kandinsky
The Garden of Earthly Delights - Hieronymus Bosch

Acquiring a perfect fingernail is possible, even if you are not going to nail salons. Yes, you can absolutely do it at home by using certain tool that will make the process feel like you are at a spa! In fact, the type of a nail file emery board is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make. If you get it wrong, you could end up seriously damaging your nails!

Our Famous Art Series 2 Emery Boards  are economical and are known to be very effective in filing your nails. Thus, they are extremely functional. They are made of cardboard filled with emery (fine grained corundum). Emery boards are disposable and are a good option.

Stop damaging your nails by using our Creanoso Live Love Sparkle Emery Board Nail Files Emery Board - Virtuous Woman is perfect for you!

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