Guitar Pedal Coupler (1-Pack) & Gold Color Pedal Footswitch Topper (2-Pack)

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  • Guitar Pedal Coupler (1-Pack) & Gold Color Pedal Footswitch Topper (2-Pack)
  • Creanoso Guitar Coupler - all metal mono male to mono male couplers designed to couple guitar pedal effects with equal jack placement, shortening your signal chain as much as possible.
  • Creanoso Guitar Coupler - 1/4 inch (6.3 mm) male to 1/4 inch (6.3 mm) male couplers
  • Creanoso Guitar Footswitch Topper makes pedals so much easier to hit


Creanoso Footswitch Topper Bumper Proctector for Guitar Effect Pedals • Creanoso Footswitch Topper is put on the footswitch of your guitar pedals to protect your footswitch • Enlarges footswitch diameter for easier accessibility • Can be used as riser for hard to reach pedals switches • Premium quality - made of aluminum alloy Great "stocking stuffer" for all your "guitar nut" friends too! Why settle for an ordinary pedal footswitch while you spice up your pedals?Grab it Now and more for your "guitar nut" friends too!

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